My husband Andrew, who began this blog in July 2011, died peacefully on September 3rd 2012, at the age of 83, following a sudden brief decline after long-term chronic illness. As I go through his notebooks, I come across pieces of writing which I'd like to share here. I'll date them when written, as far as I can ascertain (not all his scribblings are dated). At some point this blog will become an archive, without further additions. — Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Galloping Cat

Freya waits until we're both in bed, then we hear her coming as she gallops through the lounge room, across the corridor and into our bedroom, where she leaps on the bed and snuggles down between us, purring softly, her large eyes looking up in wonder as if to say, "I'm here, Dad ... now you can relax!"

Levi soon follows at a leisurely pace and before long they are both asleep.

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